Wednesday, 28 July 2010


I ate the meatballs, 4 biscuits, a slice of apple pie, a soya yoghurt, a few crisps and a lemonade = 900cals. I burnt 950ish.
I feel really bloated and my weight is back up from having stuff inside of me...

Cycling was really good though and got me over the recent phobia after I had a panic attack alone in the country on my bike.

I feel so dumb for eating, I ate 2 biscuits to stop myself fainting so I could cycle to the pub and stay awake and talk for a bit but we got stood up so we just went the lemonade and a few crisps were pointless (I was with my brother and his girlfriend).

Then I came home and just wanted to SLEEP so much I ate the biscuits...the apple pie...the yoghurt. It wasn't a binge, they were spaced out, I didn't enjoy them but I still ATE them. eurgh.

I have to shop for the BBQ on Thursday...

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