Tuesday, 27 July 2010


65 lengths, I ran out of time because I chatted to this guy too much. He's like 30...but I can't work out if he's just friendly or if he's coming on to me.
My hips really ache, I need to take calcium and other vitamins when I get home. I'm still worrying about dinner, I'll see how much I weigh this afternoon and I guess I could offer to cook and then I know exactly what is in it...and I don't have to eat the carbs.
I don't think I actually want the food, which is actually the problem. I know I need to eat to cycle etc. but I don't want the food, I'm not even that hungry.It just makes the decision harder.
I don't have to eat on Wednesday, I need to eat something on Thursday as I'm hosting a BBQ, nothing on Friday and a little bit on Saturday and Sunday whilst I'm camping...hopefully nothing Monday, then Tuesday is my birthday. :S
It's all scaring me. Which is good. I'm too scared to binge too but I'm worried it'll change and I'll go crazy and eat and eat and eat, it's happened before.

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