Wednesday, 28 July 2010

21:39 feel a bit...unloved?

So today went ok, I feel. I didn't swim that far but I didn't faint.
I've sorted the shopping with my brother he's buying the food in town and I'm buying the (diet) drinks after my orthodontist appointment. SORTED! Well I hope so anyway, I have emphasised not to buy sausages because I've asked people to bring stuff and it's a BBQ everyone is going to bring sausages!
I'm doing:
a green salad (balsamic vinegar/ vinaigrette, people put their own on)
potato salad (I won't be eating!)
pepper and courgette kebabs (yum!)

some lamb mint kebabs (nope)
some beef burgers (nope)
...Yeh and then people are bringing stuff, we have some sausages in the freezer if we really need them but it'll be cool.

Why am I feeling unloved?'s my 18th birthday next Tuesday. I've planned to see a play with my friend, I thought we were going to go shopping and have drinks as well and I HAD told her this. She texted if I was planning on going into the city for the whole day or just the evening. I replied the whole of Tuesday as its a matinee...she replied "So it's Tuesday, not your actual birthday then?"...
I'm hoping she just didn't realise it was the 3rd on Tuesday..and not that she thought my birthday was another day :/
So really I don't feel that unloved, though I am a bit worried that now she won't be able to come because she has to do something else...and she hasn't texted back yet.

I feel really teenage and catty but after the people who were meant to meet us at the pub last night deciding to go to a different pub from the one we agreed and my best friend getting the day of my birthday wrong...and worrying about the BBQ where all these people will be with's a bit crazy.

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