Saturday, 24 July 2010

Another day

When I finally went to bed last night I had a nightmare about a soap I watched on TV. Pretty hilarious given it's on at 7.30pm before the 9pm watershed so there is nothing offensive in it and generally it's meant to be suitable for under 12's!
Anyway...I got up this morning, my brother pissed me off, he walked into my room whilst I was dressing without knocking. He let his girlfriend use my new bike, and they just got back but are using the bikes again so I can't go on a bike ride.
I ate.
I took laxatives.
I'm not eating again until I can't stand it anymore.
So if I need to eat 50cals to swim on Monday I'll eat 50cals to swim. If I need to eat 150cals to sail and cycle and stay awake on Tuesday I'll eat 150cals. But I'm not going to fuck up like I fucked up this morning again.
I'm waiting for the house to be empty so I can run on the stairs, it burns 12cals a minute!

I still feel really lonely though.

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