Monday, 26 July 2010

A better day?

Way better day :)
I got up, had a bit of trouble getting dressed, feeling fat etc. I had some broth and a sip of apple juice, chatted to my brother and went and got the bus.
I swam 82 lengths which burns about 850calories. Then I went to my psych appointment, walking there I felt like I was going to pass out, but I didn't so it's ok...

We spoke a little about the increased OCD and food troubles but not much, I felt so down talking about it so we moved on to the letter I sent her last week.
So we spent the rest of the session talking about Tourette's which whilst it made me tic a lot more (speaking about it) it was nice because we weren't specifically speaking about me so it was more like a tutorial in some ways...(well not really, but it didn't feel so much like a therapy session). One idea was to 'experiment' with taking aripiprazol (Abifly) to see if it decreases the tics. I did feel like they weren't bad enough for medication however I've read a bit more and we also spoke about the fact that if it does work we know it works and if I want to carry on taking it I can, if I don't then I know it does/ doesn't work if I want to take medication in the future. So I think I am going to 'experiment'.
I managed to find pretty much the only food related side affect, aripiprazol affects the
5-HT2C receptor which is the thing if you don't have you have prada willi syndrome (where you don't realise you are satisfied and feel constantly hungry = obesity) anyway that doesn't mean taking aripriprazol means you don't realise you are full, I think it just..affects it. But it's worth a shot and given I ignore being hungry anyway it wouldn't really matter.
I haven't eaten anything today, I need to drink more.

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