Thursday, 29 July 2010


My brother went shopping for the BBQ, which was really good of him. EXCEPT...
On the list I made for myself I put lemonade, when we agreed he would shop I said I would get the drinks but he bought the lemonade. Sugar Lemonade. I would have bought sugar-free lemonade that is 2 calories per 250ml, he bought sugar lemonade that is 100 calories per 250ml. I can't drink it. Which means I still have to buy something soft to drink except I can't buy lemonade so I'll have to get orangeade or something.
It's not a major deal, it's his problem her carried 4 extra kilos home that he didn't need to. It more annoyed me that he completely didn't take in our conversation all.
He still hasn't walked the dog, put the bikes away or cleared the grass...

I feel like a total nag.

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