Saturday, 14 August 2010

Naive worries

I don't really know what to say (so shut the heck up right?!) I had a day out with my friend, it was nice, I walked a lot, I ate a bit too much but I figure I can get out of dinner and it'll be semi-ok. But now I feel really down.
Yesterday I was walking from the pool to the bus stop and this random tooth-gapped guy yelled across the river for me to "Smile!" I gave him a big grin and he said I looked lovely, I said "Thank You" and he really cheered me up. I like odd strangers that do nice things.

I made flaxseed (linseed) cookies but they don't taste that nice (because they are just flax, artificial sweetener, water, cinnamon and soya milk)well it's more the texture that is bad, but if i sieve out the husk then they are pointless. The point of them is to help me get over the whole laxative addiction thing...I figured if I was naturally going everyday without laxatives I wouldn't need the laxatives. I often take laxatives just so I can have an accurate weigh-in the next day. (I do rehydrate between.)

I'm going to a prom/dance and I don't know what to wear! A black dress with a cream lace cardigan (that comes just below the bust) with creamy gold shoes. Or a gold dress with a black waist length cardigan and black shoes? :/ I'm worried the black dress option looks too 1950's.

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