Sunday, 1 August 2010


I need to get back into my routine, it's going to be disrupted this week because of my birthday and...camping.

Tomorrow I want to go swimming for 2 hours, go shopping for something I feel comfortable wearing on my birthday, go to the wholefood shop and I have a 3pm psych appointment.

If I get the 10.20 bus I get to the pool in time to swim from 11ish. If I get out at 1pm then I have 2 hours to get changed, shop and walk to the clinic?

I feel really huge, my stomach hurts so so much from laxatives and the little bit of purging today.

I'm going to have a soup (50cal) tomorrow before I swim, then cucumber (5cal) when I get home at 5pm, then I have 145 cals for dinner.

I love Mondays, my routine comes back. I hate weekends I need to change them but I don't swim at the weekend because it doesn't work with the pool timetable and buses but I need to do more, I just drift through the days.

I'm dreading my psych appointment, I agreed to talk about something that I really don't want to...I don't know what to do.

The plan on my birthday is to go to london, go shopping, see a play, go and eat, have a drink, come home.
However, I had planned on being at a much lower weight by now, so I don't really want to buy myself clothes from the shop I wanted to go to (kinda expensive for me). I want to go to Wagamamas so I can have yasai yaki soba which is just under 300 calories. The lowest cocktails are mojito (210) or cosmopolitan (200) but I really wanted something mroe fruity...I had this pineapple juice one once. Or we could just go to a normal bar and have malibu and pineapple which I really like, its like 200 aswell...hmmm.
I guess normal people would have breakfast and or a snack lunch too.
So if I have 300 dinner, 200 drink, 200 'snack' lunch ?! then I have 300 left if the issue of cake arises...

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