Sunday, 15 August 2010

UP or DOWN = BANKRUPCY (ok, so it's not that bad, but shit, ovedrawn on calories and money)

I got invited to a friends for a BBQ last night, it was good. I ate. Too much. But given everything is too much what the heck!
No, that isn't really my attitude, but lets pretend the self-hatred isn't there. My head hurts from the alcohol filled jelly that I ate because it was sugar free (36 cal per pint - 473ml, and who can eat a pint) however there were about 15 units of alcohol per pint not that low calorie.
My head hurts.

It's 11am and I've had 150 calories. I really want to go to Primark, I need new underwear and I want to look at the shoes. I've broken another pair of cheap sneaker/converse looking things (not from Primark) I can probably fix them though.
So? Can I persuade my Mum to drive me 20 miles? Sadly there is no direct train and it's Sunday buses are non-existent and it takes ages to get there by bus.
However I have spent SO MUCH MONEY this week. Like...almost £200...I don't know how...I just looked at my bank account...fuck I don't know how. This is the kind of thing I'm meant to speak to my psychiatrist about but I just can't. SHIT SHIT SHIT.

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