Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Aftermath aka bloating and doing the dishes

OK, so last night I had 4 friends over for dinner (paella if you're wondering) it was cool, I ate 50 cals in the day and around 700? (absolute max) so 750 isn't terrible, breaks the rules though right, that is an extra 250 jumping jacks.
Anyway it was a nice evening...sorry I was going to write loads and then I just lost motivation.

I saw my tutor yesterday morning, I had to tell her everything that is wrong with me so she can write a reference for university that says despite missing loads of school she's been through all this stuff and has done very well considering blabhblah. It was a bit embarrassing and depressing but she was really nice about it.

I just realised I can touch type.

My classes were really good yesterday, interesting and easy, except I told the girl I sit next to how to do the homework wrong and I don't have any contact details for her so I feel a bit guilty :S

Today I need to write my personal statement ahhh. Like in full, I have about 150 words and I need about 600. I'm also going swimming.

Oh I lost weight, only 0.2kg but yeh :)


  1. Good luck with the personal statement!
    Haha, the bit about touch typing made me laugh - it was so random! :)
    750 is pretty damn good. You should be pleased.
    Hope you're smiling, lovely!

  2. Congrats on losing .2 - it's better than nothing, right? I've hit a plateau again. >:(

    Good luck with your personal statement!! xXx