Tuesday, 28 September 2010


So far today I'm on 240 calories however I have to have dinner which is sausages (I'll have 1) which will be 120? They are chipolatas but quite long... uhum.
That is with potatoes? I think which I'll have to have some of and veggies which I want to have some of. I think I can do this for 24o. Totalling 480. Ack! It is mashed potato!
HOWEVER I wanted to only have 300 today, but I first mucked it up by baking and tasting the mix and then by not going out this evening meaning I eat with the family (which is a bit of a mess right now...maybe more on that later).

Tomorrow, I have college until 6pm (ouff!) and then I'm going to a friend's for MEXICAN and DRINKS. FML I want to socialise but ack. It is takeaway I think..so super unhealthy though I will get to choose my food. I've never had mexican takeaway. I've had Fajitas and Tapas. I like Tapas because it's like mini-meals and no one can tell how much you've eaten.

I don't know how it is takeaway though, there isn't one in our town...must be supermarket Fajitas. I can't have dairy so no sour cream and I won't have Guacamole so the worst part is the sauce and the WRAP, wraps are awful, they don't fill you up they don't have a huge volume but they are about 180-200 calories a peice eurgh!

Still, must socialise Eloise, must feign a life and create an existence.

Thanks for all the comments, they really mean a lot (it's like getting letters everyday!) xxx

Oh and I swam 2km.

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  1. i'm suffering through a similar thing tonight...have to go eat thai with my best mates! i hate how seeing your best friends becomes such a chore when food is involved. it's kind of sad. but we just need the willpower to get through it. maybe just plan on loading up your plate (with very little) only once and that's it? good luck xx