Friday, 24 September 2010

Full moon?!

So full moon makes you bloat :O thanks for that Wendy! I feel a little less bad now.

I went swimming, I only swam 44 lengths, that is 1.5km, I walked for about 90 minutes and I've done 100 jumping jacks, I need to do another 100. I've eaten 718 calories.

Money is stressing me out at the moment, £110 for a sailing race, £60 to get the train there and back. Normally the train would cost me £14 off-peak return but because on the way there I have to travel peak times (morning rush hour) and due to rail-works on the way back I need to travel via mounts up.


  1. Haha the full moon thing is interesting. I just wonder how it's relevant :/

    Congrats on all that exercise, inspiring me to go back to swimming haha i miss it plus it's a full body workout.
    xo :)

  2. ah i wanna swim now!! your exercise regime is so good.. x