Sunday, 19 September 2010

It stops the internal-combustion that is my heart....

My heart is playing with me today, too fast, too slow, all lying here under a blanket. This was meant to stop, meant to return to a gentle ta-tum-ta-tum when the weight came on.

So to fill my empty day QUESTIONS!

if you could have a place in 3 places around the world where would they be and why?
Well I haven't been to that many places SO, at the moment it would be Paris maybe the western suburbs a bit out of the city but not so far I can't be there in 20minutes, or right on Boulevard Hausmann which is one over from av. champs de elysees.
One place in Oxford because it is beautiful, everyone rides bicycles
And one place in North London.

They are all places I want to raise me children (that I maybe can't have, I

which 3 celebrities would you like to have as friends and why?
Ruby Wax and Jo Brand, because they are funny, crazy and Jo used to be a psych nurse :P
I really dunno, I've never thought about it mainly because I just don't. Maybe Kaya Scelodarioojddijioajid the one that played Effy in Skins, she is HOT and yeh.
But only if we were genuinely friends.

what is the best compliment you have ever received?
I don't really know, I often don't believe compliments but the other week my dad said I was the best swimmer in the pool and that was great :D

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  1. Aw, this is cute. And I totally agree that Effy is HOT!! <3