Saturday, 25 September 2010

A nothing day. 400 calories, I slept late, I've done no work, I've done nothing not even a jumping jack when I need to do 500. The house is too busy, well full of sitting, quite people who are always tired, always ill or depressed. This is my family. This is my family today.

Tomorrow I'm going shopping, I have vouchers for 30% off at GAP and I need a new coat. They have a bright red children's one I might get if it is warm enough.
I want this jumper too it'll be £10.50 with 30% off but it depends on if I get the coat or not money wise. They are both children's wear which is pretty large in GAP and no tax :D
It'll be so nice to go out too, I feel trapped in this house at the weekends.

On a side note, I read some of a book today, which means I really concentrated, I haven't read in so long.

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  1. the coat and jumper are so cute! and they'd look great together too :) xx