Thursday, 30 September 2010

A proper post

Inspired by F*ckedUpAppendix
I decided to do a proper update post, though I can't promise mine will be as positive as hers!

So I binged this morning, 925calories. That was a total screw up and I'm hating myself. I've also only lost 0.7kg over the past 20 days when I should have lost 4kg.
Tomorrow (Friday) until Sunday I'm sailing. I won't be able to binge, purge or particularly restrict. Which sucks because I am meant to have lost another 3.5kg by next Thursday and I need to restrict to 200 or 300 calories a day to do that...
I really hope sailing is good, I can't remember how to do anything AND I'm sailing a new boat :S it's a big boat, it sleeps 8 people I think so it's not like I'll be alone or anything just feel like an idiot.

So I am meant to be -4kg on Thursday the 7th and for every kilo I haven't lost I have to go 10 minutes late to my appointment which is 60 minutes long. So at the moment I have to go 43 minutes late :S
SO I have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to lose as much weight as possible which means only eating dinner and a cereal bar each day and I have college all day Monday and Wednesday and Swimming Tuesday. I think I can probably lose 2kg? Then I only have to go 20minutes late...

So my BMR is about 1450calories
1450 x 3 = 4350
- 300 / day for food
= 3450
+ 410 (walking)
+ 900 (swimming)
= 4760

4760/3500 = 1.36lbs

So according to my calories in calories out I should only lose 1.36lbs but I always lose more than the calculation says.
According to I should lose 0.6kg but whenever I've done it before Monday-Thursday I've lost 2-2.5kg.

Goodness I hope so, I really need to go to this session, but I have to punish myself for eating so much.

So positive things. Urem
I went out last night and ate at a friends and watched a film and was 'normal'.
I've done most of my university application
I chatted to quite a few people at college yesterday
I'm alive
I didn't have nightmares after watching 28 weeks later!

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  1. Look after yourself, lovely.
    I'm glad you're doing well with the positives though, and that you didn't have any nightmares!!! :)