Monday, 27 September 2010

Things can improve - a positive post!

I actually had quite a good day.

skinny mini pancake (just a really thin, really small pancake with sweetner and not fried in oil) - 30
alpen light apple bar - 59
2 rice cakes - 34
2 soya latte - 180
machine v.small coffee -90
1/6th of a mini pizza -100
= 493

FINALLY a day under 500. I feel back in the swing of things. I met up with a friend after college hence all the coffee. She's invited me round for dinner and cocktails on Wednesday, which is lovely but...CALORIES! I'm hoping I can avoid too much food and save up some calories tomorrow?

Tomorrow I only have to swim, read and do a bit of studying so I don't really need to eat much? I could maybe have 300 then I have a few hundred spare for this dinner on Wednesday.

I have my first biology practical assessment on Wednesday :S and a test next Monday. I got 92% on some homework :)

It was really nice to see my friend though, and then go on all the forums and just catch-up with things :) I just hope I've lost something tomorrow?! I really wanted to lose 2-3kg this week but I'm doing a sail race this weekend so I have to eat dinner on Friday, all day Saturday and Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday...

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  1. good work on the calorie count beautiful! and best of luck with the assessment x