Sunday, 26 September 2010

Well I'm over on calories, about 200 over. 700 in total I think but I burnt about 300 shopping and jumping jacks...not that they really count as 'exercise' but it's something.
I didn't get either the coat or the jumper :( they didn't have them in the store I went to. I got some black leather boots for less than £20 though (the blessing of child size feet).
I don't feel too bad, tired though.
I have an offer to meet up with a friend who hasn't gone to university this year either, tomorrow. This will involve food, she's Italian haha, and thinner than me at the moment. I wanted to eat 300 calories tomorrow so I can lose 2kg by Friday. Uh Oh, but I need to keep in touch with friends otherwise life will feel meaningless.
It's only 8pm and I feel like it's 10 or 11pm I want to sleep.

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