Sunday, 24 October 2010

because I have too much to say (post 3)

I'm so lame, I cancelled staying with my friend because I'll miss three days of swimming and can't deal with her (VEGAN AND HEALTHY) food.

So half-term holiday will be a week of starving and swimming and studying...

I don't have to have any food tomorrow, my parents are going to be out in the evening which is when I have to eat. However I'm already a bit dizzy from today so I'll need to have something if I'm going to swim. Which I don't know if I can do if my nose is so blocked up >:(

My phone is starting to die...but the new one I want is £60 that is $94 (US/ AUS) I do have the money but my phone hasn't actually DIED yet so I feel like its silly to buy a new one already :S but I will need a new one in the near future.

I spoke to my mum about therapy, I don't know what she thinks, I didn't mention the possibility of adult ED services, that would make the ED all too real...

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  1. You are not lame missy. Nu-uh. never. no way Jose.
    I'm on my half term holiday too, not much off a holiday seeing as I have a ton of work to be doing as well as having to constantly keep tidying the house...only for it to become a tip again. damn decorating :l
    I hope the dizziness has gone by now :l. And the blocked nose too.
    Also, It must have taken a lot of courage for you to speak to your mum about it. Well done. xxx
    And what phone do you want to get? Take care.
    You're such a nice person. xxx