Monday, 25 October 2010

blogger is my life...

I'm pretty sure I can't have them, I've not had a period since March 2009 even though currently my weight is restored to a BMI of 19 and I wasn't getting them at 20 either. I want children, I just think I've destroyed my body...

Blogs are meant to be about your life, or an aspect of. My life consists of logging in to blogger to check for comments and write yet another update...
I ate dinner- mini satay 54 calories, couscous 50 calories, salad 20 calories.

I made raspberry muffins for my family earlier (I'm always baking for them :) ) and I really want one! Can't have, can't have, can't have.


  1. Good luck resisting those muffins! I love baking for other people, and then it's so hard to resist the goodies because I made them so I KNOW they're good..... :D Sounds like you did awesome for dinner.

  2. Yum, those muffins sound good. I quite enjoy cooking for people as well.

  3. I cannot cook for other people, I cook and taste constantly! If someone else cooks I can say no, but I don't feel right serving someone something I haven't tasted myself you know.
    My period is gone and I am no where near underweight, it could be something else?