Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Day 1

I gained 6 followers overnight :) welcome!

So I haven't done any exercise yet, the plan was:
  • 500 star jumps (50cals)
  • 20 minutes cycling-exercise (170cals)
  • 1 hour walking (200cals).
I can only do star jumps in the basement or else to house shakes (it's 350 years old) but my dad is in the basement at the moment (its where the kitchen is).

Food wise its going ok, I've eaten a biscuit which was 72 calories so now I'm saving the remaining 228 for dinner.

I need to do more work, but I just have no drive! I still have this
damn cold.

I've eaten 100 calories, done a little work and only burnt 10 calories!!!

End of the day Edit:
500 calories of food

150 star jumps- 15 cals
1/2 hour walking- 120cals
2 1/2 hours of heavy house work- 150cals

500-285= 215

SO Day 1= success in net calories but would've been better if I'd eaten less than 300 calories.


  1. same here. i can only goi things like running ir jumping in the living room. if i do it in my room, the entire world'll know ;)
    hope the cold goes away soon. xx

  2. Haha my house shakes too! I used to get yelled at for jogging in place in my room--Mum said it sounded like the whole upstairs was about to collapse. :/

  3. my house is about 110 years old, just walking makes it groan really loud. I used to do aerobics and spot exercises in my room when the trampoline was broken o.O

    people kept walking in on me. it was awkward.

    well done on intake, you did awesome <3

  4. I need to look up "star jumps"...what are they? Nice job on your intake girl. You sound like I do motivation wise right now. Hell bent and determined to lose! Good luck!

  5. good work for your first day! i hope all the following ones are just as successful :)
    stay strong x