Thursday, 28 October 2010

Day 2 Post 2

250 calories so far
500 calories burnt on a mammoth bike ride :D
I'm worried about dinner, I'm so hungry I'm worried I'll eat too much. There are falafel (spicy chickpea balls) in the fridge..I really want one but they are 77 calories each.
Technically I have 50 calories for dinner which would be a cuppa soup but there is no way I'll be allowed to do that :(

Thanks for all the cold comments, I hope it gets better too!
f*ckedUpAppendix I love the phone too!! And yesh it is the one that comes in green and yellow or something like that.
Kristina I don't think it quite rivals a blackberry and I won't use it for internet anyway (I hate that the screen is so small!)

Perfect Lie
and Mich thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it and Perfect Lie thanks so much for changing your blog just for me!!!

*Post 2.1*
8:47pm I think I've decided not to have dinner? I didn't eat with my family and 9pm is too late for dinner right? And I'm not hungry so...yeha I dunno I might have a salad...eurgh I don't know what to do!!!


  1. def go with the salad. there's 15 cals in a cup of celery and about 2 in a cup of lettuce
    add a cup of chopped peeled cucumber (16 cals) and 1/2 cup chopped capsicum (13 cals) and that's 46 cals

  2. I got out of dinner tonight too (class). 9 is way too late to eat. :D Salad sounds good. I had half a cup of coup and some almond milk...