Thursday, 28 October 2010

Day 2

No weightloss :(

170 calories so far which is too many given it is only midday. I'm going swimming later though so that'll be some walking and either and an hour or so in the pool. I think I'm going with my dad otherwise I'd stay longer cold or no cold.
The cold has now spread to my chest, my mother thinks I should go to the doctors but I've had a proper cold for less than a week. If I still have the cold after two weeks then I guess that shows I'm not getting better. My defences are shiiiit.
I have so much work left to do and I'm just not doing any of it, I do about 30minutes a day :S

I'm going to buy this phone tomorrow:

It's a Samsung Genio qwerty and quite similar to my current phone just not a random French brand! It's going to cost me £60...which I semi can't afford at the moment as I have to pay car insurance (I'm learning to drive with my Dad) but yeh...going to do it anyway! Because contrary to most people's view of me I'm actually awful with money.
I'll update later on the exercise and food front.


  1. Ewps. Sorreh 'bout that. I shall change it immediately :)

    And dinner went fine. I told my fam I'd eat it later then I just chucked it out.

  2. I repleid to your comment on my last psot (in the comment section) and wrote something about people not knowing the value of money- haha, i was speaking about my family, not you! lol.
    I love that phone. honestly. seriously. aah. is that the one that also comes in yellow and black?
    I'm with you on the work front! I honestly need to get it wrapped up today.
    Hope the cold goes away soon, take care. xx

  3. That phone is pretty cool actually. It almost rivals my Blackberry. Almost. Though typing with individual keys when the hands are frozen... not fun.
    Hope the cold vanishes. I've got one too which is driving me mad. I've had it forever.

  4. Nice phone! Hope the cold gets better.