Sunday, 31 October 2010

Day 5 of 5

Well I'm not the weight I wanted to be at the end of these 5 days but I am down 2lbs :) its not AT ALL my lowest weight ever I'm about 40lbs to heavy for that and I never want to be that almost-dying weight again anyway. But it's the lowest I've been on THIS weight-loss mission. And that feels nice even though I still feel huge.
I had carrot sticks and a bit of a teaspoon of hummus {houmous} for breakfast, oh and a cereal bar at 4am this morning putting me at about 110calories (my cereal bar had 60 calories!)
I hate that weight changes my mood so much but I'm so glad to have lost. I just don't look forward to the days when I haven't lost or have magically gained. I need to drink more today, I haven't been drinking enough and I've been purging = not a good plan.

I think I might be getting more hair, fur, on my back, I've had it before however it's crazy at this weight! I'm not even currently underweight let alone emaciated! I'm 20lbs away from so called emaciation. I'll have to wait and see if more grows or if it is just downy hair that I've only just noticed.

Might go swimming today, though maybe not, the pool closes in 2 and a half hours and my family is pretty slow getting anywhere.

I have to go back to college tomorrow, I have NOT done enough work :/ I also have my entrance exam for Oxford on Wednesday, I'm so scared!


  1. congrats on the loss!! i'm completely the same...bingeing/weight gain = angry amy. so the whole world might as well support our weight loss plan if they want us to be happy!

  2. I've noticed a few of those little white hairs popping up. Hopefully it's not noticeable. I'm Irish, so I'm covered in fuzz anyway. :/
    Thanks for the comment! Yes, my hands were quite dead after that, although a friend did help with some of the faces. Major hand cramps.

    Good luck with the entrance exam! You'll do great! xoxoxo

  3. Great work losing 2lb! Good luck on your entrance exam <3


  4. Well done, beautiful.
    Hope all is well.