Thursday, 21 October 2010

Post #100!

So I'm fasting, it's going well, I don't want to eat, I feel disgusted at the idea of eating. To avoid dinner I'm going swimming and won't be home until 7:45pm but there is a possibility my Dad will do dinner for me anyway BUT my older brother is working tonight so hopefully he'll do something he knows I won't eat (like ham, egg and chips) for himself and my little brother? In fact my little brother is out tonight too! So yes hopefully I can fast all day.

I did a timed practice paper for my entrance exam to Oxford and got 78%, it's the first one I've done so I hope I improve. I need to do really well on it because ok well. Normally to get into Oxford you have to have all A's and to have gained those grades in two years of sixth form. HOWEVER my education has been screwed up because of the wonders that are anorexia, depression and hospitalisation so I've taken 3 years to do my A-levels. Because of this I need to ace the entrance exam for them to even consider interviewing me. Then I have to do well at the interview for them to give me an offer of a place, then I have to do well in this year's exams to actually accept that place!
The mark I got is dead on average for the test and I need to seem excellent...not average.
Anyway I should do some form of work, for Oxford or otherwise and then go swimming xxx

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  1. Good luck on your fast :) seems like you're doing great!
    Good luck on your test too! Like all things, if you put your mind to it, you can do it!