Saturday, 23 October 2010

Uh Oh

I got up and had 330 I have to go to this Christening which isn't a christening but a 'welcome to the world party' I have 170 calories left for the whole day :'(

I haven't lost any more weight however my size 8 (US size 4?) skinny jeans are loose again :D

I wrote that letter to my psych, I'll post it today and she should get in on Monday morning.


  1. Just take it easy, you'll do fine :)

  2. Yay for loose jeans! That's such a good feeling. :)

    Good luck with the christening party. At least with a christening, everyone will be paying attention to the baby, so no one will notice whether you're eating or not...


  3. Good luck at the Christening! Hopefully they have veggies :) And congrats on loose skinny jeans! Mine are getting there too!

  4. There's nothing better than putting on loose jeans!.. or so I've heard, haha. Funnily enough I was at a party as well, a 'welcome to the world' sort of thing for my baby cousin. My grandad kept refilling me with J2O's. I nearly died when I saw they were 130 calories per bottle! However, I'm sure you'll do fine! just try and keep your 'eyes on the prize' I suppose. If only it was as easy to do as it is to write.

    Don't worry about your pysch, she's probably already forgotten about it. But, never the less, the letter will just show her what a kind, empathic person you are :)

    Take care,