Wednesday, 24 November 2010


I'm not eating today, my mum is going away for a few days and I don't feel as guilty lying to my dad about 'feeling ill' I do actually have a pretty screwed up stomach.

Today I have a Biology class on photosynthesis and respiration (which I don't understand) and then in the afternoon I'm dissecting a heart. I never used to be squeamish but these days just talking about blood can make me feel ill; it reminds me of cutting.

I haven't had my period in a loooong time however I feel like I'm going to get it?!?? I'm bloated and moody but I guess that could be anything.

peace out my lovely ladies <3>


  1. Good luck for your fast darling :) <33

  2. gud luck with the fast <3
    you'll do great

  3. Good luck fasting.

    Photosynthesis and plant stuff was the only thing in bio that I ever understood. I'm not so good with the science. Or maths. There's lots of rules in those subjects, and I don't like rules. :D

    Thanks for the hair compliment! You've inspired me to do a post explaining my hair--it will be glorious.

    Hope the bloating passes soon! <3

  4. good luck with the fast it'll go well I know it :) xxx