Friday, 26 November 2010

I ♥ each and every one of you

So really I'm just procrastinating, I came online to look up this thing about plant roots for biology!
But I log in to blogger about 6 times a day so here I am!

My plan for today is to:
  1. Study until 2.30pm (quickly going down the drain!)
  2. Get the 2.50pm bus to the City (descriptive........)
  3. Drop of the letter to my psych at the Clinic
  4. Go swimming (3km)
  5. Come home and nap
  6. Get ready to go out
  7. Go to the pub with friends but only drink diet coke/ 1 light gin and tonic (55cals)
So I had a coffee this morning, I'll have a cereal bar before I swim, and I'll miss dinner as I've told mum we are eating at the pub. Wayhey. The main challenge is not to get drunk and that causes me to EAT.

Then tomorrow is the PT MEET! And I know I keep going on a about it but I am SO looking forward to it. I'll actually be able to talk ED rubbish all day and not stress about it.

Oh and last night I dreamt that F*ckedUpAppendix was trapped in space with me (!) in the space ship and we were just messing about with this camera and computer...Ok it was better when I dreamed it...

I thought I'd do some photos as I never do...oh and did I mention because I'm time wasting :P


  1. love the pics :)
    wat u doin in this pt meet? it does sound exciting
    much love

  2. sounds like a good plan for the day :D I love planning things makes it all go smoothly :) hopefully haha, stay strong xxx