Friday, 19 November 2010

I feel really down today and I'm not really sure why. I tried calling my psych but she wasn't in the clinic today.
I'm am going to force myself to MOVE and go swimming, even if it is only for an hour today. I ache from yesterday's 5km which is 3.1 miles! I need to go out the house in 20 minutes...
Tonight I'm going to this party. My ex-boyfriend from when I was 14 is hosting it, we made out in the summer...his girlfriend will be there. His girlfriend also flirts with my older brother. It is going to be awkward. fml.
I need to buy some alcohol and sugar free sodas but I don't want to buy a small bottle of vodka if someone is already bringing some and is willing to share...eurgh. I don't really want a bottle of vodka hanging around my bedroom, I'll get depressed and drink the whole thing.
I hope there isn't food tonight...I bet there is.

I wish I could just relax and enjoy socialising with my 'friends'.
My best friend has spoken to me once since the beginning of October...


  1. I know exactly how you're feeling! Last time I went to a party I bought a bottle of vodka to share but my friends drank ALL of it, so I was left with Cider which has so many calories in it, and tastes absolutely rank!

    Well done again on the swim, I wish I could swim 5k! That's amazing that you're going swimming again, you're a machine! haha :)

    It sucks when you feel like this, but it won't last forever!

    Have fun swimming & hope you feel better tomorrow :)

  2. Good job on the exercise, which I was like that.
    Don't forget to have fun at the party. Totally know what you mean and about "friends". Literal quotation marks.
    If there is food, just choose the healthy ones. You know like carrot sticks and stuff.

    Feel better honeyy.