Thursday, 18 November 2010

I swam 5km because I'm BMI was TWENTY-FUCKING-ONE this morning.
So I've exercised more than I've eaten.

I might start horse riding, but I have to get accepted first, it is a special stables for people with disabilities including mental health problems, eating disorders etc. My mum is going to look into it for me and my little brother (he's autistic)

love to you all x


  1. That horse riding program sounds amazing! I use to go to horse camp when I was little. Most fun ever! Hope you are accepted into it!

  2. my BMI is 23 *retch*
    feel free to gloat :p

    i have never been horse riding before, going to next year though.i'm just worried that i'll break the horse o.O

    anywayz, hope you feel better (AND YOU WILL.)

  3. Don't worry, my BMI is the same! Well done for the 5k swim- that's amazing!

    Horse riding sound like a great idea- I hope you get accepted! I think I'm going to start horse riding aswell, my friend has her own horse so I might ask her if I can ride him once a week or something.

    In reply to your comment- I haven't lost yet either :( But I'm just going to fast until Sunday and restrict until Christmas- I might do the SGD!

    Don't worry though, we CAN do this! Don't be too hard on yourself though :)

    Take care of yourself!

  4. I think my bmi is around the same or just over. Shit I haven't checked it. I haven't got on my scales either... Gah!

    Horse riding sounds amazing! I've done it a few times and wish I lived close to a place I could do it often.

    Take care!

  5. Awesome! :) I've been horse-riding a few times and wish I could do it regularly but it's too far away/expensive... It's amazing though :)