Monday, 22 November 2010

The weekend and a grumbling stomach

Well the weekend went really well, it WAS freezing however I was inside on the walkie talkie radio all night so it wasn't too terrible. The kids all had fun which was the main thing :)
I ate a bacon sandwich...

Today I've been completely shattered due to not sleeping all weekend however I didn't eat all day! I have to have a sausage and vegetables for dinner in a little while. The sausages are 120 calories and then I can have veggies which are beans which will mean I can do the whole day for 200 unless my mum makes me have potato...

My legs seemed particularly massive to me today, I'm not sure why, I mean they are far bigger than I would like them to be however recently it had been more my mid-section that was bothering me.

Sorry for such a boring post!


  1. I always feel like my legs are huge. They're my biggest problem area I hate them! though we use them the most, why arent they tiny? Anyway glad you're doing ok. Ugh potatoes and bread are my weaknesses they're so fattening. Stay strong xx

  2. I'm glad the weekend event thing went okay :)

    My legs seemed big today too!

    I hope you're okay, and fingers crossed for no potato :D xxx

  3. I'm glad the weekend went really well :) Hope you're ok. I get what you mean about the legs, sometimes I randomly look at them and wonder why they suddenly seem to have expanded. Even when I haven't gained at all. O.o x

  4. breads. I had some last night. UGHR but congrats for having such a clean day!!!!!

    goodness our weekend (we live in maryland in the us) was strangely warm. which i didnt like because i got all hot hiding under my big winter caot (the only thing that hides my flabbity flab)

    Ugh,--i know where you are coming from with the leg thing. That seems to happen to me a lot with my arms lately.


  5. i have days where i think my legs are passable and then i'll catch sight of them in a different way to how i position them to make them look thinner and i'm just like..."ugh".
    have a good sleep soon hun! xx

  6. I hate it when my mind makes me feel fat and look fat even though the day before I actually looked slimmer.
    It's stupid.

    Good luck on dinner, stay strong xo <3