Saturday, 20 November 2010

The weight is climbing...year on year I grow

I'm hungover, I drank so much at this party last night...I don't want to think about the calories.

From now on I am only eating when it is absolutely compulsory, even if I pass out. Normally I have my compulsory food but I allow myself other food up to 300 or 500 calories depending on the day. However this means that I end up eating, and eating some more and going over the calorie limit. So now I'm just banning all food unless my parents or someone else is making me. I'll also be allowed a cereal bar before swimming.

This afternoon/evening I am helping run an overnight even for the scouts. It is going to be freezing.
I'm wearing thermals, my little brothers thick navy chinos (Age 13 whoop!), and a jumper and I'm cold INSIDE...this event is going to be outside.

four years ago today my BMI was 17
three years ago today it was 18
two years ago today it was 19
a year ago today it was 20
today it is 21


  1. Oh hun, just think about when you'll be bmi 17 again :) stay strong xx

  2. you will make it. I can make a list like that of my own.

    PS love you can still fit into a skinny 13 year old boys pants. youve got it goin onnnnnn!!!

    love you!

  3. you can do it, and you will do it.
    thats great you can fit into 13 year old!
    stay strong cxxx

  4. I hope this evening went well :) Good luck with the new plan! I hope you're ok x

  5. ya, an omelette with 2 large egg whites is only 33 cals

  6. Hope you managed to stay warm! I noticed that's getting harder and harder. :/