Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Yet another post.

I purged dinner, I still feel like I've eaten loads even though I've purged everything I've eaten none of which has been a binge.
It is only 7:30pm but I feel ready to go to sleep.
I don't know if I have college tomorrow or not, it depends on the snow...I really want to have college, even though I'm not prepared for the mock exam or practical exam. Going to college is better than staying at home and having to eat.

I found out all the accommodation at Nottingham University is catered. Meaning for 19 meals a week I'm meant to eat in the canteen. There is no way on earth I could do that, however I think you have to pay a fixed rate whether you eat the food or not. How did I not realise this when I applied? I still love the university and it has given me a really good offer. I'm going to visit there in February to meet the disability services and see the School. My mum is probably going to come with me but I really don't want her to be in the meetings because I want to be honest with them about the support I'll need and I can't do that in front of my mother. At least I don't think I could be, I dunno.

Sorry for blogging so much, I must be clogging up your Dashboards.

I threw up blood earlier.


  1. my sister went to Nottingham :) She wasn't catered, though..... they'll always have the option of a salad bar.
    I feel ready for bed as well! I'm going to watch something on 4od or read my book or something.

    :( @ throwing up blood. Please be careful x

  2. take it easy with the purging. throwing up blood isnt the best.
    Learning is such a good distraction from eating. I get consumed in learning instead of consuming food.
    take care. xo

  3. ha this sounds like me. after i b/p yesterday i didnt want to go to school, but i knew it was better than just staying at home....with nobody but me...anyway, good luck with the uni issue. i am 100% positive that this will all turn out just fine.

    just dont purge blood anymore---makes me worry about you.