Tuesday, 21 December 2010

And it is two years down the line
And I'm so confused
what happened that day?
I can't touch reality for more than a moment
Bones stand proud, through skin
Ground me, Ground me in madness.
Centre me, hip bones
Calm me, ribs
but oh spine, oh spine you terrify me
hips I thee caress
fingers brush collarbone
calmed, centred, grounded
in my confused madness
of lies and tears
locks and keys
rape and love
hate and bones


  1. that's a amazing poem darling , it's a shame you feel that way though, i love you xxx

  2. Your writing is amazing.
    Keep expressing yourself.

  3. I wrote it about 16months ago it just seemed poignant today, thanks for commenting

  4. I usually hate non-rhyming poetry, but this is beautiful. You manage to get some really great imagery without fluffing up the words. <3

  5. amazing poem. words are grreat to put emotions on pages where they can't hurt you.