Saturday, 18 December 2010

An apple a day keeps the psychiatrist away

I had my apple.
I had my soup.
I made my Dad's birthday cake - marbled chocolate and vanilla with strawberry-chocolate icing.

I cannot eat it.

I haven't done any revision.
My room is a mess.

Later I am running around a play gym which is big soft play thing with slides and rope bridges and tunnels for about 2 hours so I'm hoping to really burn some calories.

The snow has hit us here, there is now about 6 inches.

EDIT: The snow means the party at the play gym is cancelled :( so no calorie burning. I'm so worried about dinner...I've had soup, and 100calories of orange juice since the 12 noon start to my 'day' putting me on 142 calories so if I have dinner I don't think I can eat my apple in the morning...


  1. WWHYYYYYYYY does everyone but me have snow?!?!


    Where did you find a play gym? That sounds so fun!!

    I wish I knew how to do French braids, but I could never master it. Suppose it doesn't matter, though; as I don't really have enough hair to braid. 'Tis really thin, on top of being short.

    Leave the room a mess. I sometimes find comfort in my untidiness. <3


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  3. do it! do it! you can do it! i believe you can do it! loveyou xxxxxxx

  4. my god. sounds like a delicious cake--I love icing waaaay too much.

    AHHHH OMG OMG AHHHHHH we used to have an AMAAAAZING play gym in my city!!!!! BEST MEMORIES EVER!!!

    sadly, it is now a mattress store. not half as fun.

    sorry about the party!!

  5. Awwwwww I miss play gyms! Good memories :')
    Good luck with the revision, and the cake, and everything else going on in your life.
    Stay strong <3 xo