Sunday, 19 December 2010

Birthday Cake

It is my Dad's birthday, he liked his present from me (A book of French road maps...mon papa est fou!).
I had terrible back pain again last night, had to go and wake my mum up. I hate doing that. Anyway I also had indigestion and terrible stomach pains 12 hours after eating so I didn't have my apple this morning. I've had some cucumber and coffee. Which is a bit rubbish of me given it is 2pm.

I'm worrying about the birthday cake.
The whole cake is 2720 not including the icing! It is a seven and a half inch round cake and I'll be expected to have about a ninth? Which is about 300 calories plus icing :S AND I have to eat dinner :( ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I hope the trains and buses are all running tomorrow. I'm going swimming, then buying a new diary just to last a few weeks until I get my new one at New Year from my brother, I get through about 120 pages a month so I am buying one tomorrow that is 64 pages and will last about two weeks?
Then I am meeting my Best Friend she has been at university since October so I can't wait to see her.
Then we are having dinner.... :/ she knows everything; I can't get away with any tricks :/
Then we are going to a big party with all the people I went to school with, the only problem is if the snow is bad there will be hardly anyone there and it'll SUCK!

I'm wearing a green dress I made, a red cardigan, red tights, pearl earrings, pearly/white beaded necklace and black heels/flats. Full make up with bright red lipstick and all christmassy! I really want to see everyone...I do feel kinda fat though these situations always involve cameras and my BMI is about 19.8 at the moment, which doesn't suit me.


  1. good gracious good luck with that birthday cake! although I am 100% pos that nothing bad--and nothing long term and bad--will come of having a little of his b-day cake. just try to enjoy it!

    your outfit sounds gorgeous--I wish I could make my own dresses, but I am a fail with measurements and such.

    very happy that you are meeting your best friend! have loads of fun and keep up a positive attitude!!!


  2. i hope you have a good day deary :}
    and your outfit sounds nice!:D