Friday, 17 December 2010

I had my psych session at 10am this morning, I agreed to count my 'food day' from noon until noon the next day this way I can eat first thing in the morning if I have enough calories left over. I'm meant to start eating an apple every morning for breakfast. I think I can do that, I feel a bit pathetic for being scared of an apple but it is hard. I'm kinda meant to have soup for lunch too but I don't know if I can do that as well.
In an attempt to explain what my 'food day' will look like:

Monday 12 noon - Day 1

1pm - Soup (50cals) MAYBE
7pm - Dinner (200-300cals)
Tuesday 9am - Apple (60cals)

Tuesday 12 noon - Day 2

I think I can do that? In fact I'll probably be eating less. She wants me to eat something EVERY day too no fasting days, and record everything I eat.

On the more positive side my psych is going to come to my first adult mental health meeting if they let her, it would be good to have her there, I'm really scared about it.


  1. You go for it baby doll :)
    Be careful! We're al behind you

  2. i'm meant to eat something every day as well.... don't think i can :(
    isn't it strange how they seem to be satisfied with us eating so little because at least it's something? it's still STARVING! what's in a few hundred calories..... take care x