Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A little bit more'normal'

I got up and went swimming with my Dad and little brother, I only did 2km because played around with my brother quite a lot but exercise is exercise.
Then I walked over to the library, on the way I slipped on some ice and got my jeans covered in mud, luckily I had a long coat on and I didn't have to walk around with my muddy bum showing!
Then I did about an hour and forty minutes revision. I still need to do about 2 more hours which I can do tomorrow and Friday but then I am pretty much ready for my 1st year Biology paper. I still haven't done any revision, learning, comprehension of 2nd year yet...WHY DID I FASTRACK!? I'll be ok though, I hope.

So food wise today I've had about 150 cals of twiglets crisps and 75 cals of gingerbread. I don't know if I have to have dinner or not :/
Exercise equals 2km swim, one hour walking.

I'm not weighing myself until New Years Day.


  1. i hear ya on the Fasttrack! only had to do 1 of those to learn i will NEVER do them again :)

    Good luck on your paper :)

  2. what oon earth is a twiglet (uneducated american here) but I miss swimming! I am just awful at it and tend to drown after two minutes.

    great job on intake though, and I am not weighing myself either. I feel like a bad weight will make me more likely to binge.


  3. I'm totally with you on not weighing until New Year's Day. I feel I would be too horrified at the reality of my Christmas Weight...

    Swimming sounds fun! Where do you go swimming? I wish I was better at swimming, but I never quite got the hang of it. :/ Intake today sounds pretty good--I'd say you're safe having dinner. <3

  4. sounds like you've had a good, productive day! keep it up x

  5. stay strong
    today sounds like a good day for you!
    yeah, i agree excersise is excersise!


    Thanks for all your comments you've left me recently sorry i havent been commenting on your blog much, but im back :)
    hope u had a fab xmas.