Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas One and All

Well it is 12:30 pm on Christmas day, I've finished opening my presents, watched some christmas TV and dundundun...eaten some chocolate. It was not a slip up, I feel guilty but it is Christmas, I am not going to apologise for a tiny piece of Chocolate. It is ok. And I'll go for a walk later anyway ;)
I got a silver bracelet and some silver earrings, a scarf, some really cool socks, a photo album, a book, a new journal and a lovely soft dressing gown which I'm wearing now because it is so cold!
Christmas Dinner hasn't been cooked yet, I don't know what time we're having it I need to schedule it around my walk.

Yesterday I saw my psych, it was pretty hard, I got weighed, I'd lost a little but not a huge amount. I showed her my food diary, she didn't say a lot. I'm meant to carry on eating an apple in the morning and trying to have soup for lunch. I felt really depressed yesterday, I almost cried at the end of the session so I didn't say Merry Christmas or anything to my psych, which was kind of rude of me. I'm next seeing her the first week of January once I'm back at college I want to have lost 4 kg by then but I probably won't have as the pool is closed half of next week :(

I am really behind with my revision, I didn't do any yesterday but it seems a bit weird to do it on Christmas Day, there isn't a lot else to do though!

Merry Christmas Everyone, I hope you're all having lovely days and for those of you who've already had Christmas dinner, try not to feel bad, it is just one day just try to relax.


  1. don't you dare touch revision on christmas day!! just relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones :) all your pressies sound lovely - lucky thing!
    have a great day xx

  2. you relax on christmas--lock up that school work!!!

    and I hope that you are feeling okay (I am sure your psych understands) and congrats on losing weight!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! tee hee its only 9 here. Timmeee differenceeee!

  3. Merry Christmas :)
    I need to catch up on revision as well, it's going to bite me in the ass later, UGH.
    Enjoy your evening, lovely. <3

  4. That picture is too funny. <3 So true of me and Christmas.

  5. I'm glad you aren't apologizing for one piece of chocolate. You are a wonderful person, and I am glad you allowed yourself to enjoy a bit of chocolate on Christmas. :) It'll be okay.