Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Miss Grumpy....I can be the new Mr. Men character

Ok so I haven't taken my medication properly for about 2 weeks meaning it isn't working meaning I'm more depressed and all over the place that usual. But that is not the whole reason I feel bad, it is just the time of year.
I don't have time for anyone at the moment, I mean in real life. I have time for people's blogs I just want to focus on losing weight and passing my exams and the internet I'm CONTENT with that being my life.
I went to a school reunion last night, there was a reason I didn't talk to a lot of people at school - I didn't like them - yet there I was 3 years later going "OH how is university!?" blahblahsoddingblah.
And I don't know if I can swim today :/ and I can't make myself revise. And I've have 3 iced gingerbread things (lebkuchen) that are 30 calories each meaning I can't have my soup. I found wonton soup in the supermarket yesterday. I've been looking for it in supermarkets, asain grocers etc for about THREE YEARS. It is 100cal per tin! I love it. But I can't eat it today unless I'm allowed to have it for dinner.
I need to do some college work. I'm so cold. There is a tonne of snow. I really need hand-warmers. So I can write, type and text with warm hands if cold fingers!


  1. yum wonton soup is the best :)
    i can't wait to have a school reunion! i only left last year but i'm so intrigued to see how people might change

  2. Ugh. I dont know if I will even go to a future school reunion. I will, most likely, because I am a very nosy person.

    :((( Sorry about your bad feelings! but at least you are not under the control of meds anymore.

    never had wonton soup--need to try.

    ahhahahah soo c old here too. I am having a terrible clumsy time of typing because my fingers are frozen. try fingerless gloves and here in america they have these little sphere things that heat up and you can put them in your pockets.