Friday, 31 December 2010

Yesterday was really REALLY good. I went swimming, went to the library studied, then came home and my best friend came over and I made her a 1920s flapper dress for the new year's eve party she is going to. Then some friends came by and asked if she wanted to go to the pub so I did :)
We were so COOL, we played this board game called "Settlers of Catan" it was actually really good :P but we got a few odd looks. I only had 1 diet coke and no dinner as I was out so I barely ate anything yesterday and I swam 2km and walked for an hour.

This morning however...I woke up exhausted, I came downstairs and ATE, like 400 calories!? Then this evening I am going to a NYE party I got invited to yesterday and there will be food and alcohol, A LOT of alcohol so yah eeek. Then with the same family whose party I am going to tonight I am probably going sailing with on New Year's Day, it'll be freezing but hopefully really good.

I've eaten way too much already though and I still need to study even if I don't go to the library I need to finish Transport in Plants and Cell Membranes and do a practice paper :(


  1. Happy new year darling. Enjoy the last day in 2010 <3

  2. Hello! I know I said i wasn't on blogger anymore, but... I'm back! =) I'm glad yesterday was a good day. =)I hope the party tonight goes well, and that you have a great New Year. Sailing on New Year's Day sounds amazing =)I missed your blog! But I hope 2011 brings you lots of happiness. xxx

  3. happity day dear! and you needed those calories--you dont want to pass out or something. Make these last hours of 2010 the BEST hours of 2010, and get ready for more fun in 2011

  4. We used to play board games in the pub all the time. :D Friend was the bartender, so he made Tuesdays "game night."

    I hope you enjoy your last night of 2010. Try not to stress about the food and alc calories--after all, tomorrow is a whole new year!! <3

  5. OMG!!! Settlers of Catan is amazing!!! I played it once with a friend and was hooked immediatly and have only played it twice since.