Sunday, 16 January 2011

Honest Scrap

Ok so Harley gave me this award, which is cool. I don't really know much about it but I know I have to say 10 things about myself. SO I will try to think of some things I haven't already told you guys!

  1. I have never been in love
  2. I am a Sea Scout
  3. I am hopefully going to study Psychology and Neuroscience from September 2011 at university, I think I want to do Clinical work but I'm too scared to tell anyone incase they think that it is only because of my own admissions and such.
  4. My house has 4 floors and three staircases, we have a loo on each floor :P
  5. I know I am clever, which is possibly arrogant?
  6. I want to be a parent
  7. I hate the sound of people eating and drinking
  8. I'm awful at running
  9. I don't want to be an adult (but I already am)
  10. I live in Kent, England
I want to give the award to Night_Flower, Lissy, Appendix, Erin Rose and prettydesperate.

Night_Flower: They can't make stuff up about me, they won't but it was just a bad dream and stuff.

I'm going to have more than 250 calories today, probably 400 because I am having lamb cassoulet and green beans for dinner.

My brother is pissing me off, he eats with his mouth open. He is 22.


  1. I hate that, it's so rude, eating with your mouth open, I see why it bugs you. Also you seem to have such a future ahead of you, remember that <3

  2. Awh thank you! :)
    I love your facts. Haha I would be pissed off too...what is it with people eating with their mouths open? >_>
    I hope you're okay :) xx

  3. Aw ur funny, that entry made me smile, things can be random and true,
    Thank you so muh for advise, ur vety good,
    yes we have had a number of family sessions, they have gone ok, but ultimatly u no,they only care about the little things (e.g.lack of weight ) and dont care about what not to say or behaviours, its not fair,
    Hope ur ok lovely,
    A, xx

  4. When we ate with our mouths open as kids, Dad used to smack us upside the head. There's a good chance it will make you choke, so we all learned to eat with our mouths closed. :D

  5. You live in Kent...?!
    D'you know anything about The Red House in Maidstone? I've been referred... even though I might chicken out. Kinda scary having to go to a place I know nothing about x