Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I had the most pointless day even though I was at college for over 8 hours. Urgh, basically every year at some point the teachers at college get inspected. My Biology teacher got told by the inspector to use more computers and interactive things. So this morning in my 2nd year class we went on the computers only I didn't have my glasses so I couldn't even see the screen and then we came off them and I just sat and chatted to someone for the next hour and a half thus learning nothing. Urgh. Then I had tutorial which is when they check we're ok and teach us how to apply for jobs and about current affairs and stuff. We talked about natural disasters. Urgh. Then this afternoon in 1st year Biology we were doing nutrition. As you can imagine this was hellish for me. My teacher didn't even know the BMI categories and was trying to tell the class that in America having a BMI over 20 meant you were obese...idiot. Anyway, it got worse, she had to drag out this article guessed it ANOREXIA. She knows nothing about the damn disorder. She didn't understand it and oh my goodness I'm still just too angry to write about it. Oh an she knows I used to be severely Anorexic and she still said THE most ignorant things in class. I've basically lost all respect for this woman I used to quite like. Oh and we used more computers, we had to research a diet. I was so tempted to 'research' Ana Bootcamp or something similar, but I didn't actually want my class to think I'm crazy. Only now they all think I'm weird anyway because I kept correcting the teacher and anything anyone said.
AND then we had to write down what we'd eaten yesterday, I didn't do it because I just had salad and that wasn't going to look very good on my food pyramid. URGH.
I have to carry on doing food and nutrition once a week for Biology until about MAY. This was only week ONE.


  1. That sounds awful :( I'm sorry the day was so pointless... I hope the rest of the weeks are a little bit better :/
    Take care xx

  2. I'm sorry hun' :l
    lol, I'm currently doing a module on Health in HSC. woohooo -.-

    take care xxxxx

  3. OMG. I hate teachers like that. What an idiot!!! I am so sorry you have to keep doing that nutrition class for months. I feel your pain.

  4. That makes me angry just hearing about it! God I don't even know what to say. I hope the lessons get better hun <3

  5. i'm sorry.
    you should punch her :]
    stay safe. xxx