Friday, 21 January 2011

I've done nothing all day, I walked the dog but the rest of the time I've either been in bed or on this chair in front of the computer on PT, facebook, blogger etc.
I haven't done any revision, still.
I am hungry.
I'm tired.
I'm addicted to TV. I can't wait to just switch off in front of the telly tonight. I'm so lazy.


  1. You're not lazy :/ Everyone just needs to relax sometimes. :]
    I hope you're okay xx

  2. I love watching TV :) personally it keeps me away from food, time goes by so fast <3

  3. You aren't lazy. I'd love to do that. All day just doing nothing...

    TV is pretty good though :) x

  4. I have been like that for about 2 weeks now, I actually stayed in bed all day for like 3 days. Its terrible, I feel like such a low life. I'm in bed right now