Sunday, 30 January 2011

PJ's and a hoodie

I don't really have a lot to say because I didn't do anything yesterday. I showered (improvement on last weekend), folded up some clothes and ate too much.
However I keep writing crazy amounts on people's blog comments so I thought I should blog.
My Dad is really grumpy and I don't know why. Since the argument over sausages I've been doing my own dinner :) this won't last forever, I'll eat with them tonight but yeah, it is good. Except I'm not eating exactly what I want because they still moan at me if I eat a bowl of lettuce or don't include carbs.
My mum has joined a gym and is going on a diet. Her BMI is double mine and my 'UGW' is half her current weight. I worked out she needs to eat about 1300 calories per day and do her aqua aerobics class 2-3 times a week to lose 1.4kg a week. She did ask me to work out her BMI and how much she would lose...though I would have probably done it anyway. She thinks if I don't get into my Psychology and Neuroscience course I should apply to train as a Dietician....ahem.

I realised when I wrote a comment on Night_Flower's blog I could write reviews of different hospitals, it would only be of use to people in the South East of England and London but I could always branch out ;) (jokes) I'm never going to hospital again.


  1. Haha thank you for the super long comment. :] i asked my parents and CAMHS had called - how did you know? ;]
    Hmmm...which would you choose - dietician or air stewardess? XD
    I hope you never have to go to hospital again too.
    The comments I write are always so short compared to yours! I just can't think of much to say :[
    I hope you're alright :] xxx

  2. You seem in a better mood hun it makes me happy :D I love reading your posts. And that's so ironic about the dietrician thing haha :) I want to go to uni for psychology.
    Hope you're well <3

  3. i love your font, on all your posts. lol. hope your okay. xxx

  4. that's the spirit!
    "i'm never going to hospital again" HOWEVER i do want to be thin. THAT is what I believe in, right now.


  5. yay for staying out of hospital! (I'm writing this from my hospital bed)

  6. Doing your own dinner is the best way to go, I think. Especially if your family is anything like mine, and never eat anything that does not include half a stick of margarine or a ton of bread.