Monday, 17 January 2011

Today was quite good, but I'm really tired...I had Biology classes all day.
When I got in about half an hour ago I'd only have a 73cal coffee from Starbucks. Then I had a mini danish- 75cals, and a piece of bread with BBQ sauce- 90cals which means I'm on 238 when I'm only meant to have 250 calories today and I'm having chicken and rice for dinner which means at least 120 calories. I know it is my own fault for eating, so I don't really know why I'm writing this, I know I should be able to go 'actually I can have 500 calories today' but ARGH.
I'm also dehydrated, I need to get a big glass of water and just drink it but...I can't be bothered, I'm worried it'll make me gain weight which is just DUMB.

I did use to have logic...honestly.


  1. Maybe just sip the water? Especially if you're feeling hungry. It'll help and it'll help hydrate you. Stay strong :) xxx

  2. I hope you're okay :) And I hope you have your glass of water! Take care xx

  3. Take that glass of water, U do have logic, just a little clouded, I know the feeling,

  4. Hang in there, and have a big drink! Hope you're feeling okay.

  5. drinking through a straw always feels nicer.
    this has no relation to your post...kinda.

    I hope you're ok.