Friday, 11 February 2011

All the things I need to do

I must go swimming today, I must, I must, I must. I haven't been since Tuesday 1st February, my stomach and hips and butt have ballooned.

On the up side I did shower today, I did most of my homework and I haven't gone on any crazy eating missions (yet). I've had 120 calories. When I get the bus to the pool I'll go to the newsagents and get some space raiders (61) and then I'll have dinner when I get home.

I watch way too much TV, I think I watched almost 6 hours yesterday. I've watched about an hour today, then this evening I'll watch 2 hours. Tomorrow I'll watch 50 minutes and Sunday I'll watch 2 hours. A few weeks ago I hardly ever watched TV, yes I lived in front of the computer but I didn't watch TV. Now I watch Eastenders, Gypsy Weddings, Holby City, Waterloo Road, Human Planet, Marchlands, Hustle, Casualty, Skins, Larkrise to Candleford, The occasional daytime TV, Simpsons, The One Show, documentaries etc. It is crazy. It is because I'm rubbish at predicting plots and it switches my brain off from thinking how huge and disgusting I am and I can let the programme just absorb me. It also means I'm not eating.

I need to remember to take my medication today, I've already missed 2 days this week.

I want to lose 5 kg (11 lbs) by the 23rd. I don't know why 5kg, I know why the 23rd. I am going to Nottingham Open Day and I want to be thinner. And I am going to stay with my friend and I want to be thinner. This means I actually need to weigh myself, which I haven't done in quite awhile.

I need to do laundry
I need to tidy my room
I need to do some Maths
I need to finish my homework

I need to go swimming.


  1. just to let you know, I'd totally tidy your room for you, if possible ;]
    really though, REMEMBER.MEDICATION. Please.

    I love waterloo road. I'm sort of half watching it on iplayer right now.

    take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. You should watch Coronation Street and post episode updates. All we have here in the US is Eastenders. >:( I miss my Corrie!!

    Hope you get all your errands done--swimming and homework and whatnot. <3


  3. Hello lady did you get any of it done? Did you manage to get swimming?

    You need to take your medication!!! (that makes me a hypocrite since I've taken mine three times in three weeks) but STILL!


  4. You can do it. All of it. And you can lose the 5kg easy. Nothing is impossible <3

  5. TV can be good :] I hope you got some of those things done! Take care and don't forget the medication ;] xxx

  6. i'm watching a LOT of tv as well, especially coz i'm still on summer holidays. some days i'll just sit there the whole day and condescend to watch random stuff just because there's nothing else. we should try and exercise instead haha