Sunday, 20 February 2011

Back, Back again.

I haven't blogged in ages, for me at least. I swam 10km this week. I'll only do about 7km next week because I can only go swimming on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I am in Nottingham and then I'm on Oxford until Sunday.

I've been eating so so much. It is 1pm and I've had 225 calories. That in itself isn't a lot except it is all coffee and biscuits and marshmallows. I think I'm averaging about 1000. I hate that I'm eating so much. I know you're probably thinking 'just don't then'. I do want to lose weight and I hate eating so much because I hate how it makes me feel. Part of me thinks I'm lucky to be able to eat so much though. Gah I don't know. I've gained weight anyway.

Not a lot has been going on in my life. I'm pretty boring. I just go to college and go swimming and sit around not doing anything and watch TV and go to bed and exercise and sleep.

It is half term (a week of school/college) now so I have no classes next week hence why I'm going away.

I've been having really bad headaches.

I haven't been on PT properly in ages, I miss it but my Dad keeps nagging me about being on there (he sees the screen).


  1. well , i'm glad you are back missy! thanks for the comment on my blog, i was scared everyone would think i was such a bitch lol, and thanks for the other bit you posted lol, it means a lot.

    haha , you sure like swimming don't you! i only swim when i'm on holiday. lol nottingham is cool,maybe you'll see my dance school ;] i hope you have a good time!

    hun, that isn't a lot of food at all, honestly, i am glad your eating, i worry about you alot. your weight doesn't matter , your beautiful! =)

    aah halfterm, freedom! only for a week,not long enough eh. sorry about the headaches, and boooo D:

    chin up lovely. =)

  2. Nothing wrong with being boring. ;) Sounds like me, except work instead of school. I like it, though. 'Tis a quiet and laid back sort of existence...

    Hope you have fun while you're off school! I'd love a holiday. <3


  3. Boring is better than chaotic right? ;)
    Every time I read your posts it makes me want to go swimming ha :) Have fun on your holidays ok? xx

  4. I am boring too, lets be boring together hahaha