Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Far off and alone

I feel distant from everything.

I swam 3.3km today and walked for about an hour but I'm going to have had about 850 calories by the end of the day and I planned to have 310. It isn't even like I planned to eat 850, I lost control of the hunger and decided to eat. That shouldn't disgust me but it does.

I had an exam this morning, English Functional Skills...WASTE OF TIME. I already have English A-level so funnily enough I know how to write a formal letter! The reading part is 45 minutes long but I finished in 15, the writing again 45 minutes and I finished in 20. Simples. At least I don't have to go to the classes for it anymore :)

I need to lose 2kg by Friday then another 2kg by next Wednesday. Then things will be a bit better.


I don't like my family very much at the moment.


  1. Great job with swimming today. I'm always happy to read that you've been able to go, because you seem to really enjoy it.

    Way to go on your exam :)

  2. I'm sorry that the exam was a waste of time :[...But I'm glad it was simple for you :]. I'm sorry that you don't like your family very much at the moment, what happened? :[
    I hope you're okay xxx

  3. Yep, my family can be a pain too...
    Nice swimming btw! ;D You probably burned more kcals than you ate today, so don't worry. And nice to know you aced your test, kudos!

    Stay strong and beautiful x

  4. at least you'll get good marks on the exam! And good work on the exercise.
    P.s I completely agree with the coment you left on my post, I always feel like at a certain number I'll be 'happy' even though I know its rediculous I still think it

  5. At least your outtake was great! That should definitely match it.
    You did wonderful on your exam! Well, it sounds like you did. :D I was never good at english.

  6. I'm pretty sure you were a mermaid in another life. Or maybe only a mermaid when you're in water, like Daryl Hannah in Splash. ;D


  7. Haha, glad the exam went good ;]
    be careful with all the exercise and whatnot (me saying this makes no difference but, I feel I gotta say summat. Ya get me?) lol.
    really though, please take care.

    hope things are ok, family-wise xxx