Saturday, 12 February 2011

I went swimming and it was really good, I did 3km. I took my medication and I've pretty much finished my homework. I still need to tidy and do laundry but Appendix said she'd do that for me so I'm just waiting for her to turn up LOLZ...I wish.

I have the worst period pain, I had no period for 20 months then I had one in January and now only 20 days later I've got another one! I am not is also crazy heavy. (Sorry TMI spec if you're a guy!)

I ate some icing, we have some Christmas cakes which were reduced. I don't like or want the cake so I cut a slice, cut of the icing, throw away the cake and eat the icing. I have no idea how many calories it has in it but I'll live. I'm not eating anything else today except jelly. I bought Orangeade and lemon squash and blackcurrant squash (all sugar free) yesterday, I hadn't been in a supermarket in so long. I also bought some cheestrings which are 69 calories each. However I ate all four of them :/

I love you guys, you are better than 'real' people :P


  1. i dont like the cake either. the icing is very tasty though. when i was in high school we had to make those cakes in cooking class and my friends and i stole a whole block of the icing. its fun to roll into balls and throw at people :P

  2. My mother and I do the same thing with the icing- at first, I was doing it during binges as a way to cut down on the endless calories I'd consume (not totally pointless, but pretty much, considering I'd eat almost everything else...) and then I saw her doing the same thing. Here I was thinking she'd be pissed at me for eating everything and then wasting other food... nope.

    Feel better with your period! Lots of water and warm tea should certainly help you out.


  3. you'll burn the cheesestrings off just by sleeping a good few hours hun' please don't worry about it.

    and, haha, I'm on my wayyy...I wish. lol.
    aah, you've almsot fisnihed your work and I haven't even started mine. gah.
    hope cramps have gone or atleast eased up a little.

    and, oh em gee, you calling em fake. lyke naaah, don't make me box you int he face like. raaah. haha, no, I get you. You guys are all amazing- YOU are amazing.

    take care. xxxxxx

  4. oh, god, excuse my typos!!!

    in the*

    aaaah *breathes*

  5. Love your blog. Definitely follwing :)
    Would you mind checking out mine? I'd really love that <3
    Stay strong and beautiful

  6. I'm glad you got all those things done! :] Haha I've always hated the taste of Christmas cakes ever since I was really little. :/
    I hope you have a good day :] xxx

  7. I have bad period pain atm too, it sucks. Well done on swimming and doing your homework! And the icing won't be too bad, especially if your only eating jelly today.

  8. I do the same thing with Christmas cakes. Idk if you're talking about the one I'm thinking of, but that sh*t is nasty. The icing is at least edible. ;D