Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Thank you for all the comments on the last post, I don't think I say thank you for comments enough. They always mean so much.

I'll get over the whole Helen thing, It
has kind of been apparent for almost three years. But thank you guys for being, well being friends :)

Which are by the way: Cinnamon Grahams Cereal Chocolate (good quality) Fudge A bacon sandwich (even though I don't eat pork..) Ketchup and balsamic vinegar on lettuce Mcdonalds fries Chips Monster Munch Pickled onion crisps Red doritos Mcdonalds chocolate milkshake Bread Ice cream Ice cream soda Victoria sponge cake Brithday cake (with that ready-roll wh
ite icing) Toast and butter
...I think that is it?
I was going to get photos but I can't be bothered...

I did a biology practical on mouldy bread and yoghurt today. I can't make myself feel clean.

OH also do any brits know these crisps?

15p in Wilkinsons and only 61 calories :)plus they are a childhood favorite. They come in 3 other flavours but only in slightly larger 20p packs which are nearer 120 calories I think the flavours are Saucy BBQ (new last year :P), Beef, Spicy and according to wikipedia Salt and Vinegar but I've never seen those ones. Apparently the cheese flavour was discontinued...wotsits rock I guess.

Oh and for non-British people these are wotsits:
They are like cheesy corn puffs? I can't find an American equivalent for all my googling...oh yeah and they are crisps not chips, our chips are your french fries.

Hello all other non-British, non-American readers too. And special prizes to those who don't live in an English speaking nation.

Oh I could teach you all some chav!

Now..for those who don't know..a Chav in Britain is someone who wears tracksuits and trainers and big gold jewllery. Originally they were poor but builders and brick layers make quite a bit and can still be chavs. Chavs don't go to university, Chavs speak like 'dis. Don't pronounce their 't' sounds. Have children really young. And generally are white.

Now I sound like a Bitchy-snob. Oh yeah..'Chav' is an insult. You know how you can ask a 'goth' if they are a goth and they might look at you a bit odd but might be quite proud of it. WELL, NEVER ever ever ever ask a chav if they are a chav, or call them a chav unless you can run faster than Usain Bolt and can jump fences better than...a Chav. Why? because they WILL kick your face in. Also beware of female chavs and 'mini-chavs' those in training :P
Oh they also like Burberry... A LOT.

Here is another picture:


  1. I love this!!! I love the pictures!
    I love the "they don't pronounce their T sounds" xxxx

  2. haha chavs :)
    in australia they are a lass or a lad.

  3. haha, love this post! and god, space raiders were nice! and umm..o ma gawd, like what u got 'gainst chavs like? u fink ur well bad innit? well, allow you like. me and ma crew are well gonna bang you. brrraaappp.

    take care. xxx

  4. Oh wow space invaders havn't seen them in a while, they're fab! Your description of chav's made me laugh, and I love the picture. xx